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Sales Terms / Contract

A preliminary contract of purchase will have to be signed, which will be replaced by the final contract of purchase (in French and English) when all approvals have been obtained for the project. This is in conformity with Tunisian law. Any dispute that may arise shall be governed by Tunisian law. The final contract of purchase will be an attachment to the preliminary contract.

Costs incurred by the buyer in connection with registration and the title deed to the apartment amount to 1% of the purchase price (1% is an advantage accorded to foreigners, Tunisian nationals pay 6% of the purchase price unless their contract is made with a property developer for a new construction). This covers all expenses relating to the purchase. Certain reservations are made with regard to any increase in and/or additions to public taxes and fees.

Pinnacle Scandinavia AS will bare the cost of the Tunisian lawyer that will assure all the formalities with the authorities in order for the buyer to obtain the title deed.


  • 30% of the purchase price falls due at the signing of the preliminary contract of purchase.
  • 30% of the purchase price falls due when construction work starts.
  • 20% of the purchase price falls due when the roofs have been laid.
  • 20% of the purchase price at the keys delivery, the signing of the final contract of purchase and the registration of the title deeds.

All payments should be made to the bank account of Pinnacle Scandinavia AS in Norway. If the whole or a part of the purchase price including costs is not paid in due time, interest on the overdue payments will be charged