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Facilities and Services

Activities such as kiting, windsurfing, sailing and fishing are easy to perform around Carthage Resort where a number of hotels and marinas offer a wide range of activities for enthusiasts.

Spa and Thalasso centers, 5 stars hotels with aqua lands and tennis courts are just within walking distance from the resort.

Numerous arts galleries and artisan workshops ranging from plastic art, water and oil paintings, to traditional glassblowing and pottery making are found within 10 km radius of Carthage Resort.

Kids can also enjoy many available dedicated facilities such as water lands, amusement parks and Zoo spread around the city of Tunis and still within 20 minutes drive of Carthage Resort.

Carthage Resort lies just in the middle between the two huge shopping malls Carrefour and Géant that are the biggest in the country. It takes 15 minutes drive to the mall to find almost everything one needs, including international and local beverage brands.