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The Breezes Beach
  • The Area
  • The Plan
  • Tourism Ministry Model
  • The Beach
The land of Carthage Resort lies within a newly developed area meant only for tourism infrastructure. The area is around 100Acres in surface and is called “The Breezes Beach”.

Because of its unique site just 250m from the beach of Gammarth, the Tunisian Tourism Ministry lately developed the area to cater for exclusive and high standard real estate and tourism facilities.

The “Breezes Beach” area has a wide promenade boulevard with shops, restaurants and cafés. Carthage Resort lies just 350m from the promenade boulevard on a low traffic road. The positioning of Carthage Resort on the low traffic road ensures an open view from all the apartments.

Buildings within “The Breezes Beach” area must abide to extreme high standards for quality, architectural beauty and functionality.

The area is set as a very low density area requiring for the buildings to be erected to be nicely spaced out, low, functional, and with a harmonious architectural cachet.

Green areas as well as landscape design and construction harmony with the natural environment are set as a priority within the “Breezes Beach”

All of his insures the views around Carthage Resort to be beautiful, green and wide open.

Furthermore, within a 4km range of Carthage Resort all the constructions, which are mostly excusive hotels (and the golf) abide to a very high standard and precise development plans secured by regulatory framework. The high standards are guaranteed through the strict controls during the study and the execution phases. This framework is set and ensured by the Tourism Department, the town hall and the “Roads and Real Estates Ministry”.

The Tunisian Tourism Ministry has made a scale model showing how the “Breezes Beach” area will look like when completed.

The area is planned as highly luxourious beach resort with plenty of facilities.

Extra care has been made to keep a low construction density in the “Breezes Beach” area with low vehicle traffic and a focus on green areas and walkways.